member 2009-2012

Mühlenkampf seeks collective strategies to constantly redesign social environments, criticism and creative exploration of existing structures. We carry out projects based on a growing but solid core of participants that expand, create and communicate deeds of urban and social actions within existing structures.

We open dialogues concerning the perception of the world: this is an invitation to render the established, the rooted, the classical and the traditional into a wide range of colorful possibilities. May we be foolish while dreaming of a different world? What happens if you encounter many fools at the same time? What about the ones who abstain from dreaming because their adverse circumstances? or exclude the possibility of dreaming/keep them holding on to reality?

Is there anything we can do to support the expression of undreamed possibilities for a different future and promote it collectively? What do we do precisely? We nest into existing structures and events – expand and seize spaces.

2011 – Import-Export Vorort, Düsseldorf Garath, Caretaker for July & September

2012 – Valuesystem, Kunstmuseum Bonn


2011 – Garathvent


to be continued…