5. July "speculative memories: curating the digital archive" 2 pm - 5:30 pm, Academyspace

    17. June Stadtrundgang - AIC ON 2018, 4 - 7 pm,

    17. June "NEOZON - how did we get here?" AIC ON 2016, 2 pm - 8 pm, dialogical car performance

    23. October "NEOZON - how did we get here?" AIC ON 2016, 2 pm - 8 pm, dialogical car performance

    07. April - 5. Mai, "untaped" NS-DOK, EL-DE Haus, Köln

    15. March - 15.Mai 2016, Residency Motel Spatie, Arnhem, NL


    April - Juli 2015 Art & Archives Residency, UMAM & Arab Image Foundation, Beirut, Libanon

    10. Nov. - 16. Nov. Residency KASKO, Basel

    20. Juli - 19. Sept. "Kanale Grande Symposium", Kunstvereine Ruhr, Herne

    21. Nov-20. Dez. "Verboden de Brummen", DubbleOffice, Mathiasstraße 15, Köln

    5./6. Okt.. "Verboden de Brummen", Dubbleganger Rotterdam, Het Wilde Weten

    22. Sept. Dubbleganger Rotterdam, Opekta Atliers Köln

    14. Sept. "Eigentliche Eulen", 62 pieces of social calls in 40 min, 21:00 Uhr, Musiknacht Köln, Lutherkirche

    13. Sept. "Innen zum Quadrat", Cityleaks Festival, Leipziger Platz Köln

    10. August Antiform, Bonn Sound für Künstlerkollektiv Innen

    Evelina Racja heckte die Trockeneissymphonie aus und ich konnte mitproben & spielen, Berlin Alexanderplatz, 7. Juli

    14. bis 16. Juni Noises Festival Montabaur für das Künstlerkollektiv Innenspontan Noise gemacht für das wundervolles Performerinnenkollektiv.

    8 April. -8. Mai 2013 Doppelgänger/Dubbleganger Het wilde Weten, Rotterdam

    2 Jan. -6. Jan. 2013 performbabyperform, Köln performanceweek

    8 Nov. -5. Dez. 2012 Rudolfplatz Zwischenebene Ubahnhof Kiosk. "Pipistrelli Angesichts all der Unordnung der Versuch eines geordneten Rückzugs" site specific audioinstallation. Im Rahmen von Visual Sounds

    10. Nov. 2012, 17:30 Uhr "entsummt-unsummed" Raumfaltung & Gäste, Untersuchung zur Resonanz, Zwischenebene Rudolfplatz Ubahnhof

    7. Nov. "we are Karen Eliot", BBK Köln

    9. Nov. "Resonance & Feedbackactivism" Lectureperformance with Laura Popplow und Lena Freimüller, Art Matters elia Konferenz, Wien

  • *

    My work explores the perception, material, acoustic description of spaces and its inhabitants. Mixed media installations (myself calling them surroundings) fringing contrasts, subversive nonsense and critcal materials. I work as elektronentoto.mobi, realised projects with muehlenkampf.de, and I am part of raumfaltung.de

  • 18min sound for two dancers and many cables

    Nov. 2011, Orangerie Theater, Cologne Dancers: Julia-Lena Lippold, Claudia Brauchbach


    sneaked complaint

    By dropping one frame of a video loop I stole the appreciation of the sound. Videoloop, good speakers if available    



    In 2008 the Christo Rei Statue in Lissabon was set up with a commissioned christmas illumination that caused electricity problems during the setup. The malfunction …



    Loop is a wooden package with noise adjusting to its surroundings. It has been placed within many situations due to its noisy character it had …

    Loop Therese Schuleit


    Dialog is a multiple split screen video-installation. The camera shows slow pans of empty rooms, sometimes the movement gets stuck followed by an immediate typing …



    Degree researches inherent structures of letters by letting them turn around their own axis. Nervously they describe, rewrite and suspend their labour until a new …

    Therese Schuleit


    Davidl is a short experimental documentary about the video artist David Larcher who explains his students the basic format and functions of the medium video …



    I replaced the usual high definition testscreens of the multiple TV´s in an electronicstore with scores of how to move within the surroundings. The parameters …



    Paradisebug is a spacial installation translating and exploring virtual locality and materials within modern heterotopias. It consists of four counterparts: three light switches of every …


    it snows if and only if it snows

    “it snows if and only if it snows” is a set of two A0 sized drawings and a white video loop in which one finds the …